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Security Statement

Penn InTouch is for use only by University of Pennsylvania students and alumni to view academic and student financial information and for updating limited student data.

As noted in the University policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources, the following activities are considered violations of this policy and may lead to disciplinary action under standard University rules for misconduct and existing judicial, disciplinary or personnel processes or legal prosecution of outsiders:

a) intentionally damaging or destroying the integrity of electronic information

b) intentionally compromising the privacy of electronic networks or information systems

c) intentionally disrupting the use of electronic networks or information systems

To protect the privacy and integrity of information, Penn students and alumni should observe the following precautions:
a) always be sure to "quit" from your browser when you are done with Penn InTouch. Leaving your browser running could result in someone else viewing or altering your personal information.

b) familiarize yourself with the visual clues displayed on your browser which indicate that you have connected with a secure web server. A secure server is denoted by an unbroken yellow key or closed lock icon in the lower left corner of the browser. If these clues are missing after you connect to Penn InTouch, do not enter your PennKey and password and notify the Office of the University Registrar immediately.

c) Do not share your password with anyone. If you have reason to believe your account is being used by someone else, notify the Office of the University Registrar immediately.

If you have any question about this material, send email to the University Information Security Officer at

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