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Information systems containing personal data can raise privacy and security issues. The Penn InTouch system incorporates the PennKey authentication mechanism to protect the privacy and security of student data that it houses.

Need help with your PennKey or password?

In order to register a PennKey, you must obtain a temporary PennKey Setup Code. Once you have a Setup Code, you can use it to access the portion of the PennKey website where you create your PennKey and password, or reset a forgotten password.

Current students, faculty and staff, along with UPHS affliates:

For problems with your PennKey and/or password, or to learn how to obtain a new Setup Code, please refer to the PennKey website.

Incoming students:

A Setup Code is automatically mailed out to new students within a few business days of matriculation.

Former students who graduated or separated from the University in May 1988 or later:

To access Penn InTouch, you will need a registered PennKey and password.

  • Students who graduated or separated from the university in 1988 or later may qualify to use the PennKey-ASAP system, which allows you to obtain a Setup Code online as a one-time amenity. PennKey-ASAP requires that you complete a brief questionnaire concerning your academic career at Penn to verify your identity.
  • You may also ask to receive a Setup Code via U.S. Mail by visiting the PennKey Setup Code Service .

Former students who graduated or separated from the University before May 1988:

Students in this populate are typically not eligible to obtain a PennKey. Please contact the Office of the University Registrar for support in the following areas:

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