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General QA about Email and Webmail
How do I register for a new e-mail address as an incoming freshman?
Email accounts are generally provided by the School or department with which you are affiliated. In some cases, a PennKey and password are required before you can get an account. Your Local Support Provider (LSP) or residential Information Technology Advisor (ITA) can give you more information. If you're not sure whom to contact, you can check the document Email Specifications by School or call First Call at 215-573-4778 for a referral.
I've been trying to get in contact with .... Can you tell me what the email address is?
The PennPortal administrator cannot give out any contact information for individuals in the Penn community. Please see the Online Directoryto look up contact information. If the information you are seeking is not in the Online Directory, then the individual does not wish to have their information published.
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